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• TENLAX is FDA approved for home use as a drug-free alternative, which uses TENS technology (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) that has been clinically proven to be safe and effective in pain relief.

• Provides quick temporary relieve of arthritic, joints, muscles and back pain, through electronic nerve stimulation.

• Wireless, compact in size and weight, TENLAX is suitable for home, work or on-the-go. Discreet underclothing.

• Choose from 5 programmed therapeutic modes, including Scraping, Massage, Tapping, Acupuncture and Combo.

• Customize pain management session 15 intensity levels.

• Therapy sessions last 20 minutes at a time and it automatically shuts off after use.

• Battery free – USB charger. One charge can provide up to 6 hours of treatment.

• Rechargeable gel electrode pads can be reused up to 50 times.

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– Size: 4.6 (L) x 2.8 (W) x 0.43 (H) in
– Weight: 0,04 oz
– CC 3,7V rechargeable battery
– Output voltage: 55v
– Frequency: 0-200 Hz
– Treatment time: 20 min
– 15 levels of adjustable intensity
– 4 therapeutic modes + 1 pre-set combination program
– Gel electrode pads replacement sold separately
– 2-year warranty


– Control Unit
– One pair of electrode gel pads
– USB cable charger
– Plastic carrying case
– Instruction Manual


• This product provides quick temporary pain relief. It should not be used to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.
• You should know the nature of your pain before using TENLAX. Do not solely rely on the treatment of TENLAX for pain.
• TENLAX is not intended to treat headaches.
• The results of this neuromuscular stimulator varies from person to person. It may not be an effective treatment for all users.
• Long-term effects of this device are not known.

Caution – This pain relief system should not be used:
• To treat undiagnosed chronic pain.
• If you recently had surgery, or have ever had surgery on your back.
• During menstruation or during pregnancy.
• If you have a suspected or diagnosed heart problem.
• If you have a cardiac pacemaker, implanted defibrillator or other implanted metal or electronic device.
• If you have a tendency to bleed internally following an injury.
• If areas of skin lack normal sensations, such as skin that tingles or is numb.
• If you have suspected or diagnosed epilepsy.

• If you have had medical or physical treatment for your muscle pain, consult with your treatment provider before using this device.
• Consult with your physician before using this device, because the device may cause lethal rhythm disturbances to the heart in susceptible individuals.
• If you are under the care of a physician, consult with your physician before using this device.
• Keep this device out of the reach of children.


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